Till Death Do us Part


Thomas Mollett & Calvin Mollett

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179 pages text + 25 colour pages visuals/text

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After the killing of Anni Dewani (nee Hindocha) in a Cape Town township on 13 November 2010 while on honeymoon, her husband, a UK businessman, Shrien Dewani, was eventually extradited from the UK, arrested and tried in the Cape Town High Court on the charge that he had hired someone to kill his wife. After the State presented their case the Court dismissed all charges against Shrien Dewani and he was set free.

In this book the Mollett brothers critically look at Shrien Dewani’s version of events in the days leading up to and after the murder of his wife. They measure Dewani’s formal Plea Statement against the various accounts that he had previously made to the police, his family, Anni’s family and the press, and also against relevant CCTV footage, phone records, common cause facts and corroborated statements made by the co-accused Tongo, Mbolombo, Qwabe and Mngeni.

The book also sets out a very detailed and painstaking analysis of available evidence, such as for example phone records and CCTV footage. It will for example expose, for the first time ever, a crucial mistake which the Court accepted as fact, and which was an important factor that featured in the Court’s eventual decision to dismiss the case. A convincing argument is made that the judge’s interpretation of the evidence and the handling of the case, were seriously flawed.

In their usual style, the authors do not beat around the bush, and set out to hack through the muck in order to answer vital and unanswered questions – ending the book off with 21 questions posed to Shrien Dewani.

The book contains a 25 page colour section with interesting and striking visuals which assist to explains some arguments in the text section further. The book includes many aspects that have not been dealt with properly during the investigation and trial and takes a fresh look at the case against Shrien Dewani. It is a solid, revealing and interesting read, telling a story that is important to be told – as again it shows how a justice system can fail.

By the authors of Oscar vs the Truth, Bloody Lies and Bloody Lies Too

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