The Soldier who Said No

Chris Marnewick

Umuzi; 1st Edition May 2011

320 pages


New Zealand was supposed to be where Pierre de Villiers would escape his past. A misadventure in Angola had cost him his faith in the military, and almost his life and sanity. Another event cost him his family. But no. After a bizarre attempt on the NZ Prime Minister’s life De Villiers recognises the arrow used: it is of Bushman origin. And suddenly he, now a policeman in Auckland, is a suspect. He must go back to South Africa for answers, and to face his demons. Can he unscramble his memory? Will he find the men who devastated his life? And will the illness mounting in his groin be cured? The Soldier Who Said No is about a man cast adrift in a sea of impossible choices. It is a gripping thriller set in a complex world of racism in unexpected places, and old injustices festering on both sides of a vast ocean.

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