The Friendly Creatures

Tony Ridgway

Bellissima Publishing

Fiction (2-11 yrs)


34 pages


Have fun reading this book filled with things that go bump in the night that you really do not need to fear! Written by Tony Ridgway, this book will get you thinking about how some people are really monsters, while some monsters are really quite nice people! In fact, here is what you will find in this book, according to one expert who says:

“This book is an excellent tool to develop and expand the following knowledge and skills in children:

Vocabulary; Imagination;Creativity; Emotional intelligence; Stereotyping; Listening skills; Reading skills; Bibliotherapy to assist with childhood fears . . . and so much more!

All of these domains are integral to develop in children as they aid and support scholastic progress in children.” 

Melissa Ridgway(M Ed Psych) (M Phil Theology), Educational Psychologist

And Bellissima Publishing, LLC could not agree more.

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