The Disenfranchised Goldfish

Tony Ridgway

Griffel Media, 2008

86 pages

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The Disenfranchised Goldfish and other fairy tails, Tony Ridgway’s debut collection of short stories, is an unusual and delectable reading experience, as the title so evocatively captures.

That is why “tails” and “do fairies even have tails?” initiates the vertiginous mind swing that this man is bale to take you on.

You will certainly be captivated and captured as you immerse yourself in
Ridgway’s bubble tales. They are always entertaining and deeply emphatic, even while employing scathing social commentary rooted in the South Africa and her many peoples that Ridgway love so deeply.

The beautiful paintings by Tony’s late brother, Greg, is and excellent addition that not only enhances and adds to the stories, but stands and work of art by a talented a Ridgway as the author.

These 26 “tails” belong to magic fairies that will titillate all of your senses.

A limited number of hard copies is available.

Also available in print-replica PDF format (R100 per hard or e-copy).

For more information, or to order a copy, contact Piquet Books

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