Sounds of Silence

Paul H. Marais

Piquet Books, December 2019

71 pages

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Sounds of Silence is an anthology of powerful poems that takes the reader on a tour of the author’s imagination and experience of observing everyday life and human behaviour.

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Desolated Streets

I have walked along this street so many times.
Seen so many faces dear, and some so strange.
Through windows I could see pulsating hearts.
Read the words on steamed-up window panes,
like little footprints on the wetness of my eyes.

How I want to know them, embrace them all!
But I’m a lonely wanderer, slowly walking by.
Trying to share his heart, by writing in the snow.
Leaving whispers on the wind that gathers leaves,
in an endeavor to reach another lonely heart,
who, silently, will understand, because it knows.

And that would be enough for me to carry on
to silence and to say, “Bless this night, dear Lord,
and thank You Lord, for the friend out there.”

But recently all shutters have been closed.
My image returns from little mirrors in the lights
and reflects the face of a fool; but an old fool.
One who refuses to wear a mask of indifference.
Who yearns for hearts who will sing of kindness.
Who, once again, will break the chains of fear.

I still walk the street, up to the stillness of the park.
Still read the words written in the sky by yesterday.
And then I wonder, where had everybody gone?
Am I lost or did they lose their way? I wonder.
I’m still the same me, wandering the streets.
Still yearn to share the stillness of the street.

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