Songs of the Wild

Tony Ridgway

Bellissima Publishing

Fiction (3-12 yrs)


30 pages


In the words of the iconic lyricist Cole Porter, “birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it …”

Creatures of allsorts fall in love. And, after all. what is love without a song? A song could be romantic, upbeat, downbeat, heart-wrenching, sad, happy, content …   

Humans aren’t the only “creatures” who sing songs. Many, many, MANY animals in the wild sing songs too!

Here are the stories of a few non-humans who also sing; but they don’t sing in showers, or in studios, or on stages . . . they sing in the wild!

Tony Ridgway happens to be one of South Africa’s most well-loved songwriters, having written songs for many of his country’s pop stars. After 30 years as songwriter, he has turned to writing books for children. His quest? To share a lifetime experience of rhythm and rhyme with little ones.

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