Our Blood Is Green

Gavin Rich

Zebra Press, September 2019

315 pages


No rugby nation has more passionate supporters than South Africa. If, as a Springbok fan, you have always wondered what goes on behind the scenes of our national team, this book will provide the answers. Renowned rugby scribe Gavin Rich has interviewed a wide cross-section of Springboks from the post-isolation era and asked them a variety of questions, covering politics, issues relating to schools rugby, the exodus of players overseas, and the challenges that come with dealing with life after rugby. In Our Blood Is Green, 35 Springbok rugby players talk about their careers: the controversies they were involved in, the highs and lows of being a Springbok, and how they made it to the top of their profession. They talk about what it was like to carry the hopes of a nation into battle, how they dealt with the officials and, yes, coaches who often didn’t know what they were doing. Is there still a divide between English- and Afrikaans-speaking players? Does the ‘quota’ system work? Most importantly, do we have a coaching problem in this country, or is our rugby system just fatally flawed? Is Bok rugby driven by playing for the jersey or nationalism, and what is it like to face the haka, or sing the national anthem, before a Test match? These questions and more are answered in Our Blood Is Green. By allowing the players to tell their own stories in their own words, Rich offers readers insight into players’ personal experiences, as well as their thoughts on the game today and the way forward for the sport in this country.

Our Blood Is Green is a compelling read for rugby fans of all ages.

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