My Life on the Kitchen Floor

Jelta Fredericks

Publication date: 2017

130 pages

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My life on the kitchen floor is the memoir of a young girl who found herself in a village not knowing where she came from or who her family was. In the heart of the apartheid era , this little girl was found in the middle of nowhere and unsure of what race she really was. Too fair-skinned to be a ‘black’ African yet too tanned to be a ‘white’ African, she did not know where she fitted in.

Taken in by an elderly lady with special needs, she grew up on a kitchen floor where she learnt to survive on the bare minimum. Hunger was rife, however she managed to survive against all odds and was fortunate enough to document her life story …

Where was she from? How did she get to the village she ended up in?

This memoir takes the reader through an emotional journey of a woman putting the pieces of her life together to try and make sense of her origin. The story is a true example of how one can overcome, endure and survive …

I would sincerely like to thank my daughter-law, Christal Fredericks, who helped me complete this journey.

I find myself at a loss for words that she selflessly gave up her time to help me put the pieces of this puzzle together and create this memoir of my life. We were on this journey together as I walked her through each chapter. I am ever so grateful that I completed this task with her at my side.

This journey has created a new-found love for each other and with God by our side, we were able to finish this together.

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