I am still here

Irene Fischer

Print-Replica eBook I am still here is an inspirational memoir about Irene Fischer’s life after she was involved in a horrific car crash in which she sustained a traumatic brain injury.


Who would believe that after such a gruesome accident can spark a wonderful zest for life, wisdom and insight, motivation and inspiration? To walk with Irene down the road to s whole new life should give anyone who pick up and read this book greater understanding of the word determination. – Helga Steyn

I am still here is about Irene’s life after she was in a horrific car crash in which she sustained a traumatic brain injury. She suddenly found herself in a totally different world – the challenging world of the disabled. Her story details her desperate search for answers to difficult questions that arise due to her brain that was badly injured and its remarkable ability of repairing itself to a great extent. Irene speaks about the important lessons she learned after the life altering accident. Her courage, determination and fighting spirit will certainly amaze and motivate you.

Anita Roddick says: “Be courageous. It’s one of the only places left uncrowded.” How true these words are. Even before Margarine’s accident I knew there were few people with her powers of perseverance. Now, after the accident, I know there are even less. – Rian van Heerden

Also available in Afrikaans: Ek is nog hier

Info & Order hard copy directly from the author: www.irenefischer.co.za

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