Everyday Ubuntu

Mungi Ngomane

Penguin, October 2019

224 pages


The essential guide to ubuntu, the ancient Southern African philosophy which teaches that our common humanity and interconnectedness is the key to living a better life.
Ubuntu is an ancient Southern African philosophy about how to live life well, together. It is a belief in a universal human bond, which says: I am only because you are. And it means that if you can see everyone as fully human, connected to you by their humanity, you will never be able to treat others as disposable or without worth. By embracing the philosophy of ubuntu it’s possible to overcome division and be stronger together in a world where the wise build bridges and the foolish build walls.
These 14 beautifully illustrated lessons from the Rainbow Nation are an essential toolkit to helping us all to live better, together. In stories, practical lessons and applications that recognise our common humanity, our connectedness and interdependence,  Everyday Ubuntu helps us to make sense of the world and our place in it.

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