Bloody Lies


Thomas Mollett & Calvin Mollett

Penguin, 2014

213 pages + 16 pages colour section


This book takes head-on one of the highest-profile murder cases in recent South African history. In 2007 Fred van der Vyver was acquitted of the 2005 murder of fellow student Inge Lotz. He then sued the police to the highest court for malicious prosecution – and failed.

In spite of the defence’s trashing of the prosecution’s case at the trial, the authors show, compellingly, how every key element of the prosecuting evidence withstands the closest scrutiny. They use models, measurements, forensic tests, mathematical formulae and the views of experts both here and overseas.

They show how an ornamental hammer found in Van der Vyver’s vehicle, but thrown out as evidence, could match the head wounds. Contrary to the claim accepted at court they show convincingly that a disputed fingerprint was not lifted off a drinking glass – a detail that could make all the difference.

They demonstrate how blood marks on a towel could have come off the hammer, how blood stains on the floor could have been shaped by a specific shoe and how a closer look at cellphone records reveal a different choreography of movements than what was accepted by the court.

Could it be that two amateurs succeeded where the state prosecution failed? Thomas, a language practitioner, and his engineer brother Calvin, have made headlines, been featured on Carte Blanche and vilified, but not proven wrong – leaving wide open one of the most tantalising unsolved murder cases on record.

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4 months ago

Bloody Lies

Saw Beki Cele yesterday, with his "no dogs shall be walked" speech and thought, who the hell does this man think he is? Lekker tough guy, he thinks he is. Nobody is arguing the necessity of the lockdown, but to be talked down to like we're criminals? After his cohorts stole the country dry and ran it into the ground, and while not even able to manage the gangs (with the army), he should watch his arrogant tone a bit. Easy talk for a man who is not losing one cent or his job in this time, while many South African are looking down the barrel of the gun - income and job losses, unable to pay debt and necessary expenses, businesses and jobs being destroyed for some time to come. There are many people that may see this as a nice holiday break, most, however, is facing a bleak and utterly troublesome time ahead, from which they may not come out of. Yes, they need to be firm, but then at least be rational and clear before trying to be firm. Then you could walk your dog, then not. This seems more like a power show than anything else. It is funny how they can now suddenly "control" the situation but under normal circumstances turn a blind eye to so many things. As someone else remarked elsewhere, when authoritarianism and incompetence meet, what possibly can go wrong? Good luck to everybody. ... See MoreSee Less

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