Battered, abused, shamed

Carla van der Spuy

Lapa, July 2016

113 pages


Amor van der Westhuyzen, daughter of the infamous Joey Haarhoff who together with the paedophile Gert van Rooyen abducted six young girls, had a childhood from hell. Joey physically, verbally and emotionally battered her only daughter and turned a blind eye when Amor’s own father sexually abused her. Joey was not brainwashed or manipulated by Gert – according to Amor she had always been a monster. Amor suffered for decades under her mother, and was still shamed even years after the horrible couple’s death.

But out of sheer willpower she survived the trauma. Amor is a deeply religious person who put a stop to the cycle of hatred and violence. She wants to give hope to other women who have been broken by those closest to them.

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