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Apartheid – Britain’s Bastard Child

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Hélène Opperman Lewis

Revised edition, Piquet, 2018

A book about how the humiliation and atrocities of the wars impacted the collective psyche of the Afrikaner.

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512 pages

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This book is written as an attempt to understand what psycho-historical factors played a dominant role and undoubtedly contributed to Afrikaners creating apartheid 1948. The main factors are humiliation by the British, and unprocessed grief due to the Anglo-Boer War when the women and children were put into British concentration camps, leaving the survivors with a deep fear of survival as a people, in a country where they were far outnumbered by black people. The book follows their tracks from 1795 till 1948. The book is not about Apartheid, it’s about what determined it’s creation in 1948 from a psychological perspective. It’s a psychohistorical study.

“A brutally honest and incisive investigation into the causes of Apartheid. Opperman Lewis leaves no stone unturned. Makes it easier to understand Southern African history.” A reader’s review on Amazon

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