A Sailor’s Honour

Chris Marnewick

Umuzi, 1st Edition September 2011

272 pages



Pierre de Villiers has walked a hard road. Tortured by his own army, his family killed, surviving cancer; his new life in New Zealand is supposed to bring him peace.

But just when his life seems to be on an even keel, his daughter is kidnapped in Auckland and his brother-in-law’s wife abducted in Durban. What possible common enemy might the brothers-in-law have? The clues to the riddle stretch from Nazi u-boats of Africa’s coast to a sinister Third Force pulling the strings of darkest South African history.

Determined to defend his family. De Villiers is cast opposite “the major” in a life-or-death battle raging from Auckland to Durban and Hamburg. And on a bigger stage, the major’s Force is not done yet; its final statement will be its most violent.

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