Piquet Econo Ads

Advertise any product or service in the Piquet Econo Ads section which appears at the bottom of EACH page, for only R240 per year. Since the Eco Ad section appears at the bottom of each page of this website, it means that these ads are visible with every page view – of which there are thousands per month. Since this section has only been introduced recently, it would be good to jump in early as visibility in the random feed is increased. The names of Econo advertisers also appear in the scrolling text at the bottom of each page.

Four images and 1 500 characters are allowed in an Econo Ad..

A dedicated portion of the income from these Econo Ads will go towards the development and promotion of our Crime Prevention Tips page.

For more information on how to get an Econo Ad, send an email to info@piquetbooks.com, or use the form below, and we will be in touch.