Make use of our unique concept to advertise your product or service on this website for only R600 per year.

On every book page, at the bottom, there appears only one advert – next to two book covers. You can decide whether you want only a static image or rather an animated gif image (“animated advert”) – in latter case, you can include up to five slided in the rotating image. We will gladly produce such an advert for you at no extra cost – you simply need to provide the information and images. This type of advert works very well for guesthouses, lodges and travel companies, as you can show various aspects of your service or product – and it draws attention.

Examples of these adverts can be seen throughout the website, but below are three examples of animated adverts. Below each advert, a link is also placed to your business’ website.

The advantage of this concept is that while (good quality) visitors are browsing books, inevitably they are going to see your advert, which draws attention by its animated nature.

In addition, like we do with our book advertisers, we manage your advert by moving it around the website on a weekly basis. So it will not stay in one place all the time – and will appear on at least one book page at any given time (possibly on more, depending on the book page to advert ratio at any given time). We make sure that all adverts at some stage appear with the stronger (most visited) book pages. By using very accurate statistics from our Analytics programme, we – at any given time – can manage adverts to get maximum views, by moving them to the better performing pages.

In order not to make the website overcrowded and flooded by adverts, we place them sparingly but strategically, and for this reason will only allow a maximum of 50 on the entire website, for the first year (until end 2019, after which the amount will be reconsidered based on the amount of book pages at the time). So space is limited.

Piquet Books is not a new business or website. Piquet Publishers was established in 2010 already and its website,, in 2016. However, we have only recently redesigned the website and invented the new concept that we are now implementing. For us, while ‘hits’ are important, we are more concerned about quality hits – even if it means less hits. To us it is about drawing a quality visitor – one of the middle to higher income groups across demographics – that will spend time on the website and who would be more likely to react to adverts. For this reason we are extensively relying upon and are actively using Facebook Marketing to promote the website and to grow our Facebook Page to a page from which we can do successful campaigns. The idea, of course, is to get quality visitors to the website – where the promotion takes place.

While is not new, with the new look & feel and concept, and the strategies and campaigns we are implementing, we foresee exponential visitor growth and the establishment a loyal following over the next couple of months – making it a good time for advertisers to jump in a soon as possible.

Businesses and indivuals can also advertise their services or products in the Piquet Econo Ads section, which appears at the bottom of EACH page. For a fee of only R240 the ad will stay posted for one year. Advertisers are allowed 1 500 characters and 4 images.

A final point. What distinguishes from so many other platforms, is that we manually manage all content. It is not a matter of simply uploading your material and to then leave it in the hands of automation. By personally and with care handling all content manually, we can ensure a high quality and attractive website, and it also allows us to manage pages and adverts strategically in order to give them maximum exposure. Our concept relies on integration and cross-pollination – to the advantage of all advertisers. The word “manage” is key to our concept.

If you have any questions and/or wish to advertise on, please send an email to:

Right below are two examples of animated adverts. To see how they look on a book page, here is an example.