Songs of the Wild

Tony Ridgway

Bellissima Publishing

Fiction (3-12 yrs)


30 pages


In the words of the iconic lyricist Cole Porter, “birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it . . .”

Creatures of allsorts fall in love. And, after all. what is love without a song? A song could be romantic, upbeat, downbeat, heart-wrenching, sad, happy, content . . .   

Humans aren’t the only “creatures” who sing songs. Many, many, MANY animals in the wild sing songs too!

Here are the stories of a few non-humans who also sing; but they don’t sing in showers, or in studios, or on stages . . . they sing in the wild!
About ‘Songs of the Wild’—-

Tony Ridgway happens to be one of South Africa’s most well-loved songwriters, having written songs for many of his country’s pop stars. After 30 years as songwriter, he has turned to writing books for children. His quest? To share a lifetime experience of rhythm and rhyme with little ones.

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