Get Me to 21

Gabi Lowe

MFBooks Joburg, July 2019

438 pages


Get Me to 21 – The Jenna Lowe Story is the riveting memoir by Gabi Lowe, the mother of Lead SA activist Jenna Lowe, the brilliant teenager who was the driving force behind the famous #GetMeto21 campaign. Jenna was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension, an extremely rare illness that, after a double lung transplant, ultimately led to her untimely death, four months before her 21st birthday.

In this riveting and brutally honest memoir, in all its terrible truth, pain and beauty, Gabi Lowe shares her family’s extraordinary four-year battle to save Jenna’s life.

Despite the tragic loss of Jenna, Get Me to 21 will leave the reader deeply inspired and reminded of the capabilities and depths of the human spirit. Embracing grit, resilience and never turning her back on the hope to save her daughter’s life, Gabi Lowe encourages us to believe that the ability to face darkness lives deep within us all.

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