Oscar vs The Truth (hard copy)


What really happened on that Valentine’s evening of 13 February 2013 when Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed in the toilet of Oscar Pistorius’ house? Did Oscar know that Reeva was behind the toilet door? Or did Oscar truly believe that an intruder was hiding behind that door? Also available as an eBook (pdf).


In this book, brothers Thomas and Calvin Mollett set out to find the answers by taking a painstaking look at the crime scene and evidence with eagle eyes.

• Was Oscar on his stumps when he broke open the toilet door?

• What do the clothes Reeva was wearing when the paramedics arrived tell us about the crime?

• Which of the witnesses were in the best position to hear screams from Oscar’s house?

• What caused the wounds on Reeva’s back?

• Did the prosecution present all the evidence?

• What does the cricket bat tell us?

• Was Reeva alive when she was carried downstairs?

These are only some of the questions addressed in this full-colour book of 80 000 words and over 500 high-quality images – a book that informs as much as it exposes.

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