Bloody Lies Too



It has been 11 years since the brutal murder of Inge Lotz and nine years since the criminal trial that found Fred van der Vyver not guilty. Were truth and justice served by our justice system, or did it again fail miserably? Objective evidence suggests the latter. As a follow-up to Bloody Lies, this book delves deep into the heart of this case to explore and expose legal errors made by the court, as well as the mistakes, deception and lies to which the court was exposed. At the end one must ask the question – what would the outcome have been in the absence of these legal errors, mistakes and lies?

This study is not about opinions, feelings or emotions – it is about the evidence and logical inferences that can be drawn from it. It seems that the way the evidence points makes many observers and role-players “uncomfortable”; many would rather see this case closed and the truth buried. Some simply cannot stomach the truth – and desperately want to believe, and would have others believe, that this horrific crime was instead committed by a gangster or a family member. But this case cannot be allowed to go cold – Inge deserves justice and her parents need answers.

It must be said from the outset that while it is a follow-up to Bloody Lies, this book also stands alone, but it is also not intended to be exhaustive. It aims to provide a concise yet detailed account. Where we felt we could not deal with an issue adequately in the available space, we refer to further reading on our website, We also invite readers with questions, leads or suggestions to contact us. Over time we also tried to obtain responses from those named here, and among others recently sent Fred van der Vyver a list of relevant questions, to which he did not reply. All reasonable attempts were made to ensure a fair account.

This has been compiled with great reservation and consideration, but this book contains several graphic images that some may find disturbing. These images are published with the full consent of Inge’s parents. Apart from imparting vital information in order to explain and understand the evidence, they also provide a glimpse into the absolute brutality of the crime and the sick mind of the person who committed this crime – a person who still lives, works and plays amongst us, free as a bird.

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