Apartheid – Britain’s Bastard Child (eBook)

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Hélène Opperman Lewis

Revised edition, Piquet, 2018

A book about how the humiliation and atrocities of the wars impacted the collective psyche of the Afrikaner.

Available in PDF, Kindle & Hard copy

512 pages

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“[…] It is a book for anyone wants to understand the origins of Apartheid. It is an extremely well documented as well as deeply personal account of the role played by the British in humiliating and exploiting the Afrikaners of South Africa.

The central argument of the book is that the cumulative trauma suffered by Afrikaners culminating in the horrors of the scorched earth policy and concentration camps used by the British military toward the end of the Anglo-Boer war, was passed down to the descendants of the traumatized victims who responded by creating the Apartheid regime.

The book makes use of the insights of psychoanalysis and psychohistory concerning the intergenerational transmission of trauma and the ways that in which it is enacted by subsequent generations. It is a gripping and comprehensive account that is an important contribution to understanding the legacy of traumatic humiliation, in South Africa as well as other places and times where the inflicting of trauma leads to further pain and suffering.”A reader’s review on Amazon

“A brutally honest and incisive investigation into the causes of Apartheid. Opperman Lewis leaves no stone unturned. Makes it easier to understand Southern African history.” A reader’s review on Amazon

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The book has been peer-reviewed.

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