Concept focusses on the marketing of books, of established but also upcoming (and perhaps lesser known) authors and self-publishers. We bring publishers, authors and readers together.

Publishers and authors can list their books on various Plans on this website. We provide a page (thus a link) which can be marketed by ourselves and by the publisher or author.

We do not carry stock and we also do not handle payments, and take no commission. For a once-off annual listing fee, we are only a gateway between the product and the buyer.

The way the platform is structured allows for maximum visibility of each product and we use Facebook Marketing to this promote website and all its titles. Facebook is an incredible marketing tool and the way forward when it comes to marketing. We use Facebook Business Marketing tools to target the audience for this website and Premium Plan products.

The more products are listed the more traffic the site gets and the more all stakeholders win. Although products are also sorted by category (and are searchable) products are mixed up, so somebody may come to look for book X and see book Z, or come to look for book Z and find book Y. It is therefore a concept that relies on integration and constant visibility.

In order to increase traffic to this website and its products, it features an easy-to-use and FREE Classifieds section.

We also have a Piquet Books Facebook page, where all titles are listed. We do our Facebook marketing from this platform, which links to this website and its products.

For a more comprehensive overview of the Concept and Listing Plans, see these PDFs:

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